New Brand in Retail Banking


  1. A global financial ecosystem for retail clients in 11 countries:
    • services just like in the home region;
    • three types of customer centers: flagship, digital branch and digital express;
    • no commission for cross-border transfers;
    • purchases in the focus countries without loss on the difference in exchange rates;
    • YOUSPE ATM Network set out to establish an international network of 100,000 ATMs
  2. Increased level of financial inclusion at reduced costs for banking services:
    • opening accounts through a mobile application based on biometric authentication and identification;
    • a choice of three service packages: “Real-time Banking”, “Digital Banking”, “Private Banking”;
    • receiving the full scope of services through digital channels without visiting a bank branch;
    • availability of credit products regardless of the current country of stay;
    • a transition from payment for each operation or service to package services at a fixed monthly price;
    • receiving cash transfers through ATM without opening an account.
  3. A boost in purchasing power of each client as their needs and interests are taken into account:
    • clients receive personalized credit limits on each product without filling applications or visiting a bank branch;
    • funds are credited within the established limit without additional approval procedures;
    • revolving credit line on in-game content and OTT video services content with a 0% grace period;
    • advance salary loans with a 0% grace period;
    • flexible study loans with paid internship opportunities package;
    • special loan programs on the latest Apple and Samsung smartphones, Samsung TV sets, Razer gaming laptops and accessories.


  1. A new standard of services and security for digital banking:
    • affordable premium real-time 24/7 services;
    • mobile application and a video call centre support in the client’s mother tongue;
    • departure from the use of passwords and push notifications in favor of a transition to the unique real time biometric e-ID and Selfie-Check technology for confirmation of all user operations;
    • secure debit payment cards with Motion Code technology, based on a dynamic CVV that changes every hour, and secure credit cards with F.CODE technology, based on user biometric data to prevent unauthorized debit;
    • cardless and contactless access to ATMs based on a unique biometric e-ID and NFC technology for full management of assets, communication with the video call centre and access to partner services.
  2. Expanding service horizons through a secure digital channel access to the partner ecosystem:
    • integration of mobile and online banking into popular games on various platforms for user convenience;
    • integration of a public messenger into mobile banking to provide an alternative way to transfer financial assets and establish an unlimited communication channel for the clients of the ecosystem;
    • access to services for operations with digital assets without transaction limits on purchasing or crediting of funds derived from a sale of digital assets.


Next Generation Platform for the New Brand in Retail Banking

Complete end-to-end solution encompassing hardware and software solutions

Identify Create Derived Identify Authenticate


  • Dynamic CVV security code technology, replacing traditional static CVV
  • Prevention of illegal use of stolen data thanks to the automatic change of dynamic CVV code at regular intervals
  • Connection between Motion Code server and payment system processing center occurs in real time
  • Increased security and convenience

Biometric cards with F.CODE

  • Fingerprint sensor on an ISO standard payment card instead of PIN verification
  • Smooth proof of life; contactless payment technology
  • Cardholder’s biometric data is securely stored in the microchip of the card
  • Biometric data may be inputted by means of the designated mobile application
  • Innovative freestanding multi-function ATM with customer-centered design and 19” multi-touch LCD Infinity display
  • Remote Client OnBoarding with ATM
  • Convenient access through customer’s biometrics instead of a payment card; premium assisted self-service experience and connection to the video call centre
  • Payment for purchases in large retail chains without payment cards based on customer biometric data via Smart terminals
  • Omni-channel experience by delivering reliable and secure access to banking services and services provided by partner-companies
  • Integrated contactless card reader (via payment card, smartphone or smartwatch)
  • Integrated “flush” Skimming Protection Solution (SPS)
  • NCR Interactive Teller, remote assisted-service integrated
  • NCR Interactive Banker, in person-assist compatible